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15 July 2011 @ 03:28 pm
I finally arrived in Portugal. I had so much excitement for this, from buying new clothes to getting on the plane, ofcourse the clothes were the best part out of the two. ;)

My day began on the 14th of uly, still packing the remaining things in the suitcase to get ready to go, ofcourse that couldn't go all to plan could it, because while packing my clothes the weights broke, so I couldn't measure the weight of my suitcase easily, either way it still weighed under the amount I am allowed, but only just! There's going to be problems when I come back! Oh god! Anyway after I was all packed me, my mum, and my dad put the suitcases in the car and set off to livepool airport, I was getting so nervous in the car, I've never flown on my own before! When we got the airport it really started to sink in, especially after I dropped my bag off to go to the plane and I was waiting with my parents at the entrance to the departures lounge (Only passengers were allowed past) I didn't want to leave, I was getting so scared, but I picked up the courage and said goodbye and started walking off to the departures lounge. I could feel my stomach churning with fear of getting on the wrong plane and stuff, and getting lost, or even missing my plane because I had no way to get in contact with my parents as I left my phone behind to avoid temptation and running up a huge phone bill! I was getting really nervous when the two flights before mine changed to cancelled. I was so very worried but then my flight changed to say to go to the gate to board the plane. The nerves eased as I got on the plane, but I was sat next to a baby uinfortunately, and we all know what that means! the flight went so quickly, but I was engaged with my magazine and music, so its no surprise! but in the last half hour, as I predicted before the baby started, not crying, but full on wailing! I had to resist slapping it because it was so noisy and annoying. I tried to stay calm, I couldn't be more happier when the plane landed because I got to get away from the crying baby! I met up with Benni in the airport, and we got a lift to Baba's (her aunt's) house, although that wouldn't go smoothly because the car broke down! luckily it wasn't too far away from Baba's house, only around the corner! I hope this holiday doesn't go quickly, but I have a feeling it will!
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