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17 July 2011 @ 08:56 pm
The Doctor Who Experience  
I know, it has taken me almost a month to post this. In the last few days of June me and my friend Jenny went on a mini adventure to London to go to the Doctor Who Experience.

The day started at about 8am when we had to get up and ready to go catch the train, its not early for some, but its bloody early for me!! After we were all dressed we went to the trainstation to catch the train to London Euston, who knew that two hours could go so slowly! When we were on the train me and Jenny were discussing how if we had time and depending how far away King's Cross Station was, whether we could go to see Platform 9 1/2. Arriving at London Euston we discovered that King's Cross Station was a mere station away on the underground, so we took the little detour we discussed, we were buzzing. Harry Potter and Doctor Who in one day! After our little detour we were back on track to get to the Olympia Stadium and to the Doctor Who Experience, however things weren't going to go to plan. We needed to get to Earl's Court, but by the time we got to Gloucester street the tube announced that it would have a detour due to an incident at Earl's Court. After about 5 minutes of panicing from me and Jenny, and a phone call to Andrew later, we had directions to get to Andrew, and from there catch the overground to the Olympia Stadium. ofcourse, with it being England, It had to start raining the minute we got to the Olympia Stadium, so we got into the Doctor Who Experience looking like drowned rats! The experience itself was amazing though, we went on Starship UK, then went on to fly the T.A.R.D.I.S. and after that they had a little storyline with the Daleks followed by walking through the forrest of angels (I almost died there, the weeping angels scare me the most so I ended up clinging to Jenny and almost in tears!) After that there was like a little musuem bit, with some of the aliens featured in Doctor Who, such as the Cybermen, Daleks, the Face of Boe and many more, and also featured the costumes of all the Doctor's except for the 11th's ofcourse, as that one was still being worn, and also had the costumes of all the companions! I was so amazed, firstly by the sheer size of Alex Kingstons boobs judging by the boob allowence in her costume, and also bye how thin David Tennant must be! We had losts of fun in the museum area, getting tonnes of pictures and also bantering with the staff. After we had plans of going to try and meet Arthur Darvill at the globe, although when he got to the Globe he just ignored us, and choose to prolong a conversation he was having on the phone. HOW RUDE! although he could have had his reasons, such as the strange guy who was also looking out for him. either way, it was a fantastic day and by the time we got home we were both very tired!

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